No Escape
Exploring our faith as that which engages us with the world around us and is not an escape from it.

Incarnate God
In Christ, you embraced this world and the fullness of human experience,
You came into its very heart
Confronting reality;
Challenging false respectability;
Pushing your way through crowds,
Sharing food those who invaded your private space.

So help us Lord
Not to see our faith as a means of escape;
A place of respite,
Where we turn our backs on a world
For which You, in compelling love,
Took on flesh to redeem.

Rather may we seek your presence
In the warp and woof of daily life,
where hope lives side by side with disappointment.
Finding peace in the midst of the storm of deadlines, stress and expectations,
Rather than assuming it can only prevail in their absence.
So may our journey of discipleship
Follow that same path of incarnation
And may our eyes turn to heaven
Only to see this world more clearly