Faith Work and Christian Discipleship

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About ICF
ICF is a membership organisation that works to encourage individuals to deepen their understanding of God's purpose in the world of work and to provide support by:
  • combining the practical experience and theological reflections of our members and extensive network of friends and associates
  • helping our members and others to live out their faith at their work
  • acting as a prophetic and challenging resource point for the churches in their ministry to all those at work.
ICF is a national ecumenical organisation, which was founded in 1877 and developed by the famous World War 1 chaplain, Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy - Woodbine Willie - who campaigned in his time for God to be heard at work, as ICF still does today.

What ICF does
  • We publish, in partnership with Faith in Business, the leading quarterly journal in the field (visit website here)
  • We publish services and worship material for use at Rogationtide, on Industrial Sunday and for private prayer.
  • We provide details in our newsletter of events arranged by other organisations in the field of Faith and Work.
  • We carry out research into how people at work see the importance of the Christian faith.
  • We maintain high level contacts in the churches and in commerce and industry.
  • We are (and always have been) ecumenical and inclusive.
Membership of ICF
Membership is open to any Christian, lay or ordained, who is interested in Faith and Work. Membership costs 25GBP per year for individuals and 40GBP for churches and provides:
  • a members' newsletter
  • Online updates and bulletins
  • a resource point for ICF publications such as group discussion leaflets
  • worship material
  • prayer material
  • an annual lecture
  • reduced costs for ICF events
  • opportunities to participate in ICF programmes and events
  • sharing in the ICF fellowship and network.
to join email:

Industrial Christian Fellowship