Word become flesh
A prayer which recognises that Actions speak louder than words

Incarnate God; Word become flesh;
You embodied a message of hope
And enabled humanity to touch the hand
And look into the face of our creator.

You did not simply speak salvation
but became a saviour;
Called for sacrifice
Then gave Your own life as ransom;
Your words brought Consolation
But your touch wrought healing.

So may I reason with more than words,
That your message
Might again become flesh and bone;
Lived out in me.

May I not be content
To explore the depths of Your truth
And wrestle with the challenges of Your world,
Unless the lessons I have learned
Find form in the product of my labours;
And the values I embrace
Find expression in the world I create around me.

So may my deeds be my words
My life be my testimony
My character be my creed