Breaking the Mould
Letting my identity as a Child of God shape my attitude to work

Lord and Source and Sustainer of of life;
Who called me into being before I came to be,
And set me to play my part
In the symphony of all creation;

May I define myself
As a child of the God who made all of humanity
And not just those who are most like me.

Forgive me
When I allow myself to be contained
By an identity of my own choosing
And fail to see Your likeness
In those who my world might prefer to exclude.

As I pursue my daily endeavours
Playing my part in the great Human enterprise
Whose foundation, though often hidden Remains rooted in You

May I not be content
To be shaped by a world
That you have called us to shape,
To conform to values
That you have called us to re-define,
To comply with any expectation
Save that which comes from You.

Through Christ who died for all