Making a Difference
A Prayer which explores the impact of being a Christian in the workplace

Loving God
You have called us to be salt and light;
Beacons of hope,
And agents of change.

You have called us to be leaven,
Working in the hidden places
To make pleasant and light,
What would otherwise be unpalatable.

In my working life
May I be known
Not only for the person I am
But the difference that I make
May my faith not be the thing
that separates me from others,
But rather that which binds me to them
Compelling me to journey with them
In every shade of life's experience.

And as we offer our working lives
As a living sacrifice to you,
Inhabit our praise we pray
That workshop and office tower,
Boardroom and factory floor
May be transformed by your presence;
Made manifest
Through the everyday endeavours of Your people