In pain and confusion
A Prayer which explores difficult situations through the image of the cross

God of all being
You hold in your hands the farthest corners of the universe
Yet your eye can see inside the tiniest atom;
You reign above the affairs of all humanity,
Yet know us so well
That even the hairs on our head are numbered.

Help us find strength
When all around seems turmoil,
Not by making sense or grasping control But through deepening our trust in You
And pointing others to that Rock on which we stand.

May we find our certainty
Not by expecting to always understand
But through the knowledge of Your presence
In the midst of our confusion.

Let your cross still speak.
Place where You touched the depths of human suffering
Yet opened to us the doorway to eternity.
As we proclaim its message
We also bear its mark
And so embrace reality
With all its hope and pain