The World of the Arts
A prayer which celebrates and explores the role of art in worship and proclamation

All seeing God
I turn on my TV
And am enthralled by glorious images of a world you have created.
I switch the channel,
And feel appalled by the language and attitudes
That we as humans have chosen to portray.

Art is your gift to us
A blank canvas
Through which we can journey
Into a deeper understanding of ourselves and of You

Forgive us Lord
If the images we paint or the words we craft
Obscure Your Image
When it could have been more clearly revealed.

Forgive us too
If we have been too quick to judge.
Critical of those who in art
Have confronted us with images we do not wish to see
Introduced us to worlds we would rather not visit
Presented us with realities we would rather ignore.
But which deeply matter to You