Work life balance
A prayer which explores the rhythms of life

Timeless God, at the dawn of our existence
You set the Rhythms of the Universe in motion.
Day follows night as the earth spins her course,
Heralding each new season As year pursues year.
The mountain streams flow into rivers
That fill the Oceans
Whose vapours are caught up in the clouds
To be poured out again
On the misty mountain peaks

And the Rhythms that we so often follow
Seem so puny when compared.
The nine to five and morning rush
The nightshift, day shift and working time directive
Ttimetables, tachographs and meeting plans
The TV listings and appointments at the Gym

When you send us sunshine
We turn up the air conditioning
And the Golden tones of Autumn
Make their apology as leaves on the line

Help us loving Father
In the busyness of schedules of our own creating
To seek out your Rhythm
And live lives that pulsate to the beat
Set by the one who holds this world together