Worship and Prayer Resources from ICF
Praying for the World of work
click here for brief guidelines to help you develop your own prayers for the world of work
A service of evening prayer for use at the end of the working day. click here for a PDF download copy
Lectionary Readings
click here for a series of lectionary reflections which highlight various aspects of the world of work
Work and Pray
Regular prayer for the world of work can be a significant feature in Sunday services, and ICF seeks to provide various resources to help those who prepare these. Prayer of this nature can be important for various reasons:
  • It encourages Christians to see their working lives as part of their Christian Identity

  • It helps those involved in the world of work, particularly when their job makes it difficult to participate in church activities, to feel affirmed and valued.

  • It is a vital part of our intercessory responsibility to the community around us.

  • It communicates a faith that is relevant to real issues to those who visit our churches
Each week, different groups of workers can find a place in prayers at Sunday worship, with individual members including them in personal devotions during the preceding and/or following weekdays. Consider what might be said in the context of thanksgiving, confession and intercession, both for the workers concerned and for those present. The list below is wide ranging but by no means comprehensive and should be complemented by knowledge available to each local congregation. This page is regularly updated to provide a whole year programme. Use the links to find more resources.
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