Newsletter downloads

Feel free to download and use these pages in your Church Magazine or Parish newsletter. They are designed to copy onto one side of an A5 publication. Please contact us if you would like them in a different format
  • In the midst of conflict
    A reflection on finding God in military service

  • Mission through work
    Reflecting on how the activties of a local church are not restricted to its own local programme, but everything that its members undertake in their daily lives

  • Making a difference
    Reflecting on how even when in a restricted role, we can make a difference though our words and attitude

  • Get the balance right
    Reflecting on issues of lfe balance in relation to faith, work and family

  • Faith in adversity
    Recognising that when work is tough, God can still be present and able to use us

  • Faith in football
    Focus on sports chaplaincy particularly in remembering the Munich air disaster at Manchester United

  • Faith in the arts
    Brief reflection on how art and faith are related

  • Christmas is coming
    Suggestions about workplace carol service along with general prayers and topics

  • Faith and Work
    Basic introduction to the faith and work theme including details of ICF Website

  • Faith on the High Street
    Reflecting how faith issues and values can influence our consumer choices

  • Working lives
    Reflecting on how God can be found in the everyday things of work and life

Industrial Christian Fellowship