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Forthcoming Events organised by ICF or other
Faith and Work Organisations

  • ICF Members and Friends Event
    Annual Lecture and AGM
    Leadership, Love and the Transformation of Business

    Monday 26th June 2017 - 12.30 pm
    University of Winchester Chapel
    Speaker: Dr. Karen Blakeley
    We are seeing an unprecedented growth of interest in spirituality at work. This is part of a wider movement that is reimagining a broader social, political and ethical role for business in society. All reputable businesses engage in corporate social responsibility in its many guises (including providing activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditation and prayer) but how far can this movement really go if leaders at the top of our organisations do not have a profound (and spiritual) transformation of both heart and mind? To what extent is this interest in spirituality a fad and to what extent a permanent shift in human consciousness? Our planet, our fragile communities and our hard won social and political systems lie at a tipping point and whatever happens, profound change awaits us. Karen will argue that love is the only force that will provide a positive way through the crisis. But how do we learn to love? What role might Christians play in helping humankind embrace this profound metanoia?

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  • Thursday 6th July 2017 - 10am-1.00pm
    The Challenge of Modern Slavery
    A Salt of the Earth Network Event
    Companies increasingly see addressing modern slavery in their supply chain, and in their business, as a critical issue. Come and learn more about modern slavery, the biblical foundation for addressing it, case studies of good practice, and how you as an individual can bring change.
    Click here to download a flyer from the Salt of the Earth Website -

  • Friday 14th July 2017 - 16th July 2017
    CHRISM Summer Conference & AGM
    14th - 16th July at Westminster College, Cambridge.
    At this event you can explore the transformations to the world of work that are taking place and how, through ministry, we can aid the needs of the working people in this changing world.
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