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  • ICF Members and Friends Event
    Annual Lecture and AGM
    Faith, Work and Christian Discipleship

    Wednesday 20th June 2018 - 12.30 pm
    The United Church, Winchester
    Speaker: Phil Jump

    The relationship between faith and work has absorbed the minds of Christians for centuries, and many will recognise the challenge of remaining true to our faith identity while we are at work. But might our thinking go further? Is it possible for work itself, in its many and varied forms, to be an expression of Christian Discipleship? To what degree can the mission of God be pursued through what many would more naturally describe as “secular work”?

    Based on ICF’s recently published group study resource, these are questions that you are invited to explore at this year's gathering. Together we will consider how work enables human beings to participate in God’s mission to reconcile all things and express their calling as stewards of creation. This is a perspective that raises foundational questions about what we do and do not consider to be work, which in turn offers insights into why the world of business seems to constantly find itself embroiled in moral crisis and scandal. Drawing on many years of work in this field, our speakers will consider the needs and opportunities that exist for faith communities to help reclaim work as an expression of human identity and community.

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