Reflections for a New Year

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Day 1 - Be diligent

Your calling in life is to follow Jesus;
For that reality to become evident
To all who share each day's pathway with you;
Perhaps convincing some,
Through the person you are,
And the glimpses of Christ you show them,
To desire that calling for themselves.

You might fulfil this vocation in an office or factory,
On site, on the road or on call;
With the most difficult of people,
Or those whose companionship is a true blessing;
In circumstances that are completely unreasonable,
Or those that are rewarding and fair.

At times it will feel like the easiest of paths to follow,
And at times it may be shrouded in doubt and despair.
What we have in common
Are not not circumstances in which we are called to follow Jesus,
But the promise and hope of that divine call.

Industrial Christian Fellowship