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Over a century supporting Christians in the world of work


Christian Discipleship impacts every aspect of our lives. Whether we engage with the world of work as an employee, customer, business owner or service user, we impact others and are impacted ourselves through that experience. ICF seeks to help Christians live out their faith in everday situations, while also asking the bigger questions about how we understand work and the way our society works.

Through our Website we will seek to introduce you to our story, our vision and values and keep you in touch with others who are seeking to live out their faith in the world of work and commerce.

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Faith in Business Quarterly

FIBQ is a quarterly journal co-produced by ICF and Faith in Business. It contains articles and reviews on relevant themes and issues related to faith and work.

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Online talks from ICF

ICF provides speakers and hosts various events for those wishing to explore workplace themes. Click the button for recordings of some of these.

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Prayer and Worship resources

We offer a number of prayers and practical worship resources to help you keep the world of work in focus as you gather.

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Professions of Faith

To help you include issues of faith and work in weekly services and sermons, ICF offers some thoughts and ideas each week based on the Revised Common lectionary.

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Our history

With a story stretching back over a century, find out more about how ICF was formed and the many significant people who have helped shape our work and vision

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Articles and Downloads

ICF team members are regular contributors to various periodicals and journals - we also commission papers on various relevant topics.