Praying for peace in the world of work

God of peace,
Our nations seem defined
By anger and disappointment;
Unfulfilled promises;
Rumours of deception,
And costs that we struggle to bear.

In our adversity
We glimpsed the best of human enterprise,
And applauded the endeavours
Of those whose service was vital,
And selflessly given.

Yet in our recovery
We seem consumed by rage and recrimination.
And the world of work
Has become for many,
A conflict zone.

May we not ignore the struggles that surround us,
But not become so consumed by them
That we lose sight of the hope and love
That you have called us to embody and proclaim.

Amidst the clamour and the chaos,
The anger, frustration and fear
Help us to find your pathways
Of justice, righteousness and peace.