Sunday 27th May 2018
1st after Pentecost - Trinity Sunday

Isaiah 6:1-8; Psalm 29; Romans 8:12-17; John 3:1-17

Several commentators believe that the Isaiah reading recounts the experience of a court official, suddenly transfixed during some state ceremony with the presence and commission of God. This might be connected with the official birthday of our own Monarch a couple of days later. Our queen has a reputation for her commitment to the duties that come with her role; hers is an example of work as vocation, and through fulfilling the requirements of her somewhat unique position, she is often a powerful advocate for Christian faith. In praying for our monarch, a congregation might also consider how to follow her example; engaging in the everyday tasks of life and work (albeit perhaps more mundane) in a way that gives clear expression to their own Christian faith. As we reflect on the possible identity of Isaiah, we might pray for all those who are engaged in royal duties, staff of the royal household, Lord Lieutenants and others who represent the monarch throughout the United Kingdom.

Website visitors from other nations might adapt this to pray for those who have power and responsibility in their own country.

Congregants might also relate this to their own work experience. It was during his duties as a court official that the prophet Isaiah suddenly encounters the presence of God. This begs the inevitable question, where might God already be present in our own workplaces? How might we encounter God in our day to day lives?

In different ways, the other selected readings for today, express the power, authority and Lordship of a God who is both Creator of all things, and King of Kings. These verses serve as powerful reminders that whatever tasks we might engage in; whatever resources we might control or use, everything has its origin in the God that we worship; all things exist under His rule. We are called to live as children of that King; born again; acting differently, not according to “the flesh” but transformed and empowered by God’s Spirit.