Sunday 9th May 2021
6th Sunday of Easter

Acts 10:44-48; Psalm 98; 1 John 5:1-6; John 15:9-17

Today, the Sunday before Ascension day, has traditionally been marked as Rogationtide, which ICF historically designated Industrial Sunday. You are encouraged to use various resources and ideas available from ICF and other websites, to pray for the working lives of everyone in your congregation and local community. A prayer for the world of work can be found here

The Psalm with its key focus on music and singing might provide an opportunity to pray and reflect on the work of musicians and composers, and all those who work in this field. Reflecting further on how rivers, seas and hills are enjoined to the song of worship, might lead to reflecting on how the beauty of the world around us inspires so much creative art, and how that art often helps us more deeply engage with and express our worship of God. So we might celebrate those who work in the world of the arts in a variety of ways.

Another key theme is the keeping of Godís commandments, which is rooted in our love for God and His for us. We might reflect on the positive benefits of law in creating a stable and safe society. The New Testament reminds us that ultimately obedience comes not through imposing it, but through our love for God, the great law-giver. This might cause us to particularly reflect on the work of probation officers and those who work to re-habilitate offenders, including those who pioneer work of restorative justice. In these and similar professions, the aim is not simply to impose compliance, but to help individuals re-discover those virtues that lead to natural obedience. This is the true nature Godís law.