ICF Prayer Focus
Those who work in healthcare
God who made the soul and spirit, and offers re-birth from within, let us not forget that You also made the bodies we inhabit and wove our physical form within the womb. In Christ, You placed Yourself in human flesh; stretching out the hand of healing to those whose minds and bodies were diseased and damaged; yearning for release. And so we pray for those who today continue Your healing work through our healthcare institutions. As they co-operate with nature’s own therapeutic process, may they glimpse the Creator God whose word brought it into being. As they bring relief and comfort to those who cannot be cured, may they encounter the saving God who is acquainted with our grief and suffering. And as they seek to educate and reform, so that our communities will be healthy places for everyone, may they sense Your revealed purpose which is the well-being of all creation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN.