ICF Prayer Focus
Those who work with the earth and its elements
“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it - every strata of rock; every hidden gem; the deepest sea-bed and the layers of fossil far below the earth’s surface, all lie within Your gaze O Lord. You were there when oil and coal were once the teeming life that filled the land and oceans, you made the inferno that caused rocks to melt into hardened gems. So as we take the earth’s deposits and forge strong metals and intricate jewels, re-shape its contours and harvest its fuel; as we face the hazards of digging deep into it’s surface and excavate its resources, may the magnitude of our task speak to us afresh of the power and knowledge of its Creator. And so may we see this earth and ourselves in the way that we should, a gift that is ours to steward and respect.” AMEN