ICF Prayer Focus
Those who work in the world of sport.
Loving God, itís hard to understand the fascination that we have with sport; the elation that takes us over when our team wins or reaches the big final; the despondency we feel in defeat; the determination that grips the contestant to train, to improve and to win. The ball in the back of the net; the break-point; the slip catch; the sprint finish; the final pot, release an avalanche of human emotion that is way beyond the actions of which they are comprised. But we thank you for sport with all its thrills and disappointments, the outcome of minds and bodies that are of Your design. We pray for those whose occupation is in the world of sport, often placed on a pedestal of human expectation that is not of their own making, easily forgotten when hit by injury or a run of bad form, and often engaged in gruelling training that is far from the public eye. May the pleasure we all find in playing and watching, draw us close to the creator of all things. AMEN