4th Sunday in Advent - The Candle of Joy

match lighting candle

When light comes, darkness is dispelled.
We cannot make darkness, we can only block out light.
And so we bring another flame into this circle of hope
To declare that, whether seen or unseen, God's eternal light is shining.

Curtains of despair might sometimes be drawn,
Yet even a shadow reminds us that somewhere there is light.
When circumstances make no sense and our eyes see only darkness,
Hearts of faith believe the light is not extinguished, but hidden.

And as this flame is kindled, we remember
How once, while rulers debated,
And emperors gave their decrees;
When inns were too crowded,
To provide for those in greatest need;
And a young couple's struggle,
Caused only village gossip,

Salvation was dawning
Through those very circumstances
That seemed to defy it.

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