2nd Sunday in Advent - The Candle of Love

Another flame announces its message of hope,
Amidst a world where thousands of voices demand to be heard,
Claiming that theirs is the way; that they have the solution,
That their truth is the right truth.

But this faithful flame invites us to listen for another voice;
One that may not choose to demand a hearing in every public square;
To tune our ears to the voice of our creator;
To listen out for God's melodies of hope;
Despite the screams of despair,
That seek to drown their every note.

God can speak, and God is speaking;
Speaking in the midst of a nation's anguish and struggle;
Speaking when hopes are dashed and spirits crushed;
Speaking where fear abounds, fuelled by uncertainty;
Speaking within and through every circumstance,
For in such ways and places, our God has always spoken.

And when our arguments are exhausted,
Our debates have run their cause,
Our media outlets have nothing left to say,
God's word will stand; God's truth will remain.

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