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This week's prayer Focus
Those who work in the media
All seeing and all knowing God, we live in a world where news and information surrounds us at every turn; at the touch of a button; the flick of a switch; the click of a mouse. News reports have moved nations to bring relief to the suffering, and yet the evening bulletins can leave us dismayed and sickened, as they confront us with the worst of human behaviour.
So we pray for those who work in the media. Where they are exposed to danger, may they know Your protection; when uncovering the worst of reality, may they find strength; when seeking truth that others strive to keep hidden, may they find resolve.
Help us O God to share and receive information responsibly, that we may seek truth and not simply sensation; and not become so numbed by our 24-hour news culture, that we are unmoved by the realities behind the bulletins. Through Jesus Christ our Lord AMEN
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