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Faith on Monday Morning
Faith and work remains a key issue for Christians who are serious about living out their faith in a 21st Century world. Industrial Christian Fellowship has a long history of supporting Christians in the workplace and developing resources that help churches relate to the world of work.

We are an ecumenical, membership-based organisation that can offer advice and support to individual Christians and businesses.
Covid-19 - Praying for the World at Work
Those who work in transport and logistics
Our scheduled prayer focus this week is for one particular group of key workers whose significance has come to the fore in recent days.

Oh God who is present in every place, and whose creation provides for our life and wellbeing, we often thank you for the food on our tables, yet forget to recognise the blessings that are ours through those whose endeavours bring it there.

Today we give you thanks for those who are putting themselves in harm's way to ensure that our food shops are replenished; our online deliveries arrive at our door; their vehicles and roadways remain in good condition and suppply chains are maintained in times of challenge. Particularly we pray for those who are transporting vital medical supplies and protective equipment. As they face an almost impossible task and in the face of seemingly relentless critiscm, grant them the sense of peace and accomplishment that their labours deserve.

Forgive those things that we have too easily taken for granted, and help us to be good and grateful stewards of the resources that their endeavours make available to us. Help us to remember the lessons we have learned in these unusual days, and in this world where commodities can still travel between continents with relative ease, may we not lose sight of the Saviour who chose to ride on the back of a donkey. Help us to use transport responsibly, as stewards of your creation; to distribute the world's resources in a just way, and not simply as a means of enabling the wealthy to consume the produce of the poor. Be with all those who make transport possible. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN
Industrial Christian Fellowship