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Faith on Monday Morning
Faith and work remains a key issue for Christians who are serious about living out their faith in a 21st Century world. Industrial Christian Fellowship has a long history of supporting Christians in the workplace and developing resources that help churches relate to the world of work.

We are an ecumenical, membership-based organisation that can offer advice and support to individual Christians and businesses.
This week's prayer Focus
Those who work in the provision of clothing
Our God who is clothed in majesty and splendour, Your Word reminds us that the beauty of the lilies of the field comes not through spinning or toil, but by Your all-providing hand. While we may be clothed in garments of our own making, help us to remember that the materials from which they are made, and that eye for their form that causes us to design and choose them, have their source in You. When our clothes protect us, help us also to place our security and hope in You; when our clothes identify us, help us also to remember that we are Your children; when our clothes adorn us, may we also seek the inner beauty of a character shaped by Your Spirit. Be present in the labours of all those who produce our clothing in all its forms, and in an industry that can so often be the cause of exploitation, help us to dress not simply with a mind for how we look, but also of justice to all people. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.
Industrial Christian Fellowship