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Faith in business Quarterly
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Sustainability and Ethics
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Love@Work - 100 years of ICF

We are delighted to announce the publication of centenary publication telling the story of ICF.

A collaboration between historian Ian Randall and ICF exec members Phil Jump and John Weaver, this book seeks to explore issues for contemporary mission through the lens of ICF's story. click here for details
Covid-19 - Praying for the World at Work
Those who work in healthcare
Loving God - recent events have caused us more than ever to recognise and value those who work in healthcare. As they care for others - protect them we pray. as their energies are sapped - grant them strength. As their resources are stretched - grant them peace and assurance. You made the bodies that we inhabit and and wove our physical form within the womb. In Christ, You placed Yourself in human flesh; stretching out the hand of healing to those whose minds and bodies were diseased and damaged; yearning for release. And so we recognise the sacredness of their task, and pray that you will help each of us to live and act in ways that respect and protect the care that they offer. Help us each to play our part in maintaining our communities as healthy places. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN.
Industrial Christian Fellowship