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Love@Work - 100 years of ICF

We are delighted to announce the publication of centenary publication telling the story of ICF.

A collaboration between historian Ian Randall and ICF exec members Phil Jump and John Weaver, this book seeks to explore issues for contemporary mission through the lens of ICF's story. click here for details
Covid-19 - Praying for the World at Work
Those who work with the vulnerable in our society
Our tender and compassionate God, in Jesus you give us a picture of your own vulnerability. You come to us as a refugee escaping violence, as a stranger with no place to call home, as a common criminal condemned to die. You discard power and authority to be alongside those who experience brokenness and need. So we pray for all those who today live out that same commitment to being with, and offering help to, those in our communities who are most vulnerable. Give perseverance, encouragement and wisdom to the many voluntary and paid workers who seek to assist those who are caught up in addictive habits, whose minds are deeply disturbed, who feel they have reached the limits of their own endurance, whose lives are blighted by frailty, loneliness and fear. And may our whole society learn that the measure of its worth is in the care it shows for those who are the weakest members. Amen.
Industrial Christian Fellowship