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Working and praying amidst a crisis
As we continue to do all we can to support our key workers and to pray with those who are working from home, or unable to work, ICF offers a variety of resources you may find helpful.

Click here for a selection of video and prayer resources for you to use and share.

ICF Chair, Revd Phil Jump offers a video message at this time when the value of work is particularly in focus
Covid-19 - Praying for the World at Work
Those who supply stationery, office products and support services
Caring God, we all face situations where the quiet and often unnoticed support and efficiency of others enables us to thrive better; we easily press the button on the copier without a thought for those who design and maintain it; place the order and forget the efforts of those who will process, pack and deliver it; throw yesterday’s memos in the basket hardly recognising that someone will have to empty it. Forgive us Lord, if the only time we do notice is when these things go wrong. And in our working lives, we too will often be the ones whose work is unseen and taken for granted. Yet we remember that You notice, just as You noticed the tiny offering of a poor widow and gave it infinite value, not because of its material worth, but the spirit in which it was given. So we give thanks to You for those people whose efforts provide the space, the equipment and the ancillary services that make it possible for us to work in comfort. No matter what part we play in the greater scheme of things, may we approach it in a spirit of Christian service that gives appropriate value to everything and everyone that impacts our working lives. AMEN
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